Manhunt for Android

You already know that Manhunt makes it easy to find guys fast. If you own an Android device, now it’s even easier to find them when you’re on the go.

It’s everything you love about Manhunt packed into the hottest mobile app around!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my primary photo different on the Manhunt Android App?

The Android Market doesn’t allow us to show adult photos on the app. Pics that aren’t app-safe are replaced with the “Too hot” icon, but you can choose to filter out profiles that don’t have at least one app-safe pic.

If any of your photos (including your primary photo) contain adult content, we will skip over them and find the first non-adult photo (that you have set to public) to show as your thumbnail pic.

If you’re looking for a totally uncensored mobile experience, check out Manhunt Mobile by visiting from the web browser your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device.

Where can I send you feedback?
Glad you asked! We love getting member feedback and encourage you to send your thoughts, ideas, questions and suggestions to