Manhunt for iPhone

The Manhunt iPhone App is free of charge and you can log in using your Manhunt member name. If you don’t have one yet, you can join for free right from your iPhone (or you can sign up using

Get big things in a small package.
With the Manhunt iPhone App, you can access your Manhunt mail, Track List, Buddy List and more, right from your phone.

We’re ready for your close-up.
Want to freshen up your profile while you’re on the go? Click the “Me” icon to update your stats, change your preferences or upload photos directly from your phone’s camera to your Manhunt profile!

Find the guy next door. 
Check out guys nearby with just a single tap. If he has a Manhunt profile, you can get in touch whether he’s using Manhunt from his desktop or a mobile device.
Go ahead, be picky.
Know what you want? Not willing to negotiate? Save time and filter who shows up. Not so selective? Access all 6 million+ members.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my primary photo different on the Manhunt iPhone App?
If any of your photos (including your primary photo) contain adult content, we will skip over them and find the first non-adult photo (that you have set to public) to show as your thumbnail pic.

Apple doesn’t allow us to show adult photos on the app. Pics that aren’t app-safe are replaced with the “Too hot” icon, but you can choose to filter out profiles that don’t have at least one app-safe pic.

If you’re looking for a totally uncensored mobile experience, check out Manhunt Mobile by visiting from the web browser your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device.

Where can I send you feedback?
Glad you asked! We love getting member feedback and encourage you to send your thoughts, ideas, questions and suggestions to